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So., 02. Juni




Do you dare to imagine “What if”? Are you ready to be Radically Honest? Do you want to nurture the attitude of “Why Not”?


Zeit & Ort

02. Juni 2024, 10:00 – 17:00

Zürich, Platzpromenade 5, 8001 Zürich, Schweiz

Über diese Veranstaltung

SOMAgination LABs - Liberate your Creativity

In this one-day LAB held outdoors in the environment, we'll delve into our sensations, actions, bodies, movements, selves, and groups. Through exercises and inquiries, we'll gain insights into ourselves within everyday settings—not confined to the safety of a studio or classroom, but where we navigate life, often on autopilot. We'll provide a space to push your limits and broaden them, aiming to help you become more authentically yourself, more daring, more attuned, and more creative in your life. Helping you navigate the changes that are happening all around.

Join us for:

SOMAgination LAB #1 - Senses and Sensitivity

  • Morning session: At Platzspitz, we'll immerse ourselves in our bodies and group dynamics, experiencing our senses.
  • Lunch Break: Each person brings something to contribute to a shared Lunch, followed by time for rest and reflection.
  • Afternoon session: We'll explore how our senses react in different environments, engage in playful creation with our senses, and enhance our sensitivity. We will end the day with a nourishing group experience.

The Workshops will be held in English (with German translation)

Wenn Du dich nicht sicher fühlst mit der englischen Sprache, bist Du trotzdem herzlich Eingeladen mitzumachen, bei bedarf kann übersetzt werden. ->Melde Dich bei


As an artist deeply immersed in exploring somatic practices for over two decades, I've dedicated my creative journey to harnessing the power of the body-mind connection. I believe that steering humanity toward a healthier existence begins with an intimate understanding and appreciation of our physical selves and our daily creative power. I draw from Emboding Anatomy, Butoh Dance, Life/Art  Process, Improvisation and Qui Gong to design my offerings. For the "daily business" aspect in life, I‘m using Conscious-Money-Work to help transform my life and anybody who crosses my path.


Naveen is a creative catalyst, artist, community builder, educator, and systems thinker.

He is passionate about creating catalytic spacetimes for cultivating regenerative transformation in individuals, communities, and systems at large. 

He is the Founder and Creative Director of the Kaleido Retreats, and one of the Co-Founders of Humane Warriors

More info on his works can be found  at and you can connect with him on LinkedIn or Instagram.


Noemi is a mother of a 4-year-old with an unwavering passion for  intuitive dancing and conscious movement. She supports people to  rediscover their authentic selves by using the power of their bodies.  Through her guide and embodiment practice, she aims to create a profound  sense of connection and empower you to embrace their uniqueness. She  believes that as human beings, we can learn to navigate our emotions in a  healthy way, and using the body as a tool is key in this process.


  • SOMAgination LAB

    one-day-Workshop to learn about yourself, and liberate your creativity

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