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Mi., 01. Mai


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Can you feel when it is enough? Are you doing and not being? Are you interested in embodiment? 10 min a day for 33 days exercises to liberate your Embodied Creativity

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Zeit & Ort

01. Mai 2024, 07:00 – 02. Juni 2024, 19:00

WhatsApp / Zoom


Über diese Veranstaltung

SOMAgination 10 min a day for 33 days: somatic explorations and exercises.

These somatic explorations will develop your capacity for body awareness and amplify embodied creativity. We will celebrate the new-found embodiment with a special song for you to move to.

Our practices will offer you centering, give you some daily quality self-love time, develop stronger trust in your intuition, expand your creativity through embodiment, and an opportunity to be part of a global community-of-practice who are committed to expanding their embodied creativity.

These are crazy times, we are enmeshed in rapid changes, local and global. Feeling your SELF, building safety, and liberating your SOMAgination in your body can help you in processing, participating, and bringing about a fully embodied response to these changes.

Are you ready? To build an embodied practice and give yourself this care of 10 minutes in the morning or during the day?

This is how it works:

  • give us your phone number so we can add you to the closed WhatsApp Community (we will not use your number for anything else, promise!)
  • You let us know in which country you are, so we can get a sense of how colorful and diverse this group is.
  • Furthermore, you send us one of your favorite songs, so that we can all dance to it.
  • You will get a daily somatic exploration (to feel into your body and find your answers and truth through your unique movement)
  • After that, you can use the topic of the exploration in your daily dance, or just enjoy your movement and the song.
  • You can share your experiences and be inspired in our online community-of-practice.
  • Attend 3 online Community-Connect-Zoom-Rooms, to dance together, and have a sharing circle as well as get help with tec or any other challenges. Dates to be announced. 
  • Get Access to 1-hour Live Session "Monday Moves" on Zoom, happening every Monday at 7 pm CEST, from Movement for Life, to deepen your practice.


Co-Creators of this Event:


As an artist deeply immersed in the exploration of somatic practices for over two decades, I've dedicated my creative journey to harnessing the power of the body-mind connection. I believe that steering humanity toward a healthier existence begins with an intimate understanding and appreciation of our physical selves and our daily creative power. For her input, she draws from Emboding Anatomy, Butoh Dance, Life/Art Process, and Qui Gong.


Naveen is a creative catalyst, artist, community builder, educator, and systems thinker.

He is passionate about catalyzing regenerative transformation in individuals, communities, and systems at large.

More info on his works can be found at


Noemi is a mother of a 4-year-old with an unwavering passion for intuitive dancing and conscious movement. She supports people to rediscover their authentic selves by using the power of their bodies. Through her guide and embodiment practice, she aims to create a profound sense of connection and empower you to embrace their uniqueness. She believes that as human beings, we can learn to navigate our emotions in a healthy way, and using the body as a tool is key in this process.


  • 33 Days of SOMAgination

    Daily somatic activations for liberating your embodied creativity

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